Different Surfacing Options for Driveways

When you have decided to improve the look of your driveway, there are many surfacing options you can choose from. The best thing to do is to choose the option that's not only practical for you but also highly functional. There are different surfacing options that will suit certain driveways. The most popular surfaces are asphalt, flag stone slabs, and also concrete. You can find a lot of variations for these, and a home would only have one type to use. Visit this tarmac company Lichfield website to get started.

Concrete is one of the most popular choices because of its simplicity and being low cost. The plain concrete driveways are colored gray and they are not really that attractive. You can have the pattern imprinted concrete to do away with monotony. This type is made of colored concrete and a stencil is used to create a design on the concrete itself. The pattern imprinted concrete surface may not really be the most appealing but it is known for being the easiest to clean and maintain. You can also find several styles and colors for it. Some people have expressed concerns about cracking but you can resolve it by hiring a reliable contractor.

Asphalt on the other hand is usually black in color. It can be plain but it is highly functional and practical to use. You can also have it in dark red, and this can be really attractive when applied on some surfaces particularly when it is placed with a charcoal brick border. Places that are very hot may encounter problems with asphalt surfaces. It has always been considered as a soft surface which melts when under direct sunlight. Once again when you hire a professional and reliable contractor they will know the standard asphalt that can withstand the highest temperatures. Asphalt is not a cheap option for smaller surface areas but it is a cost-effective option when the driveway is large. For more options, check out tarmac Cannock at this link.

There are also flag stone slabs that have different styles to choose from. The most fundamental and cheapest option is the pressed concrete paving slab. Its usual size is 2'6" wide by 2' long but you can also buy it in varying sizes. You can also find a number of ornamental concrete paving slabs. They are perceived to be weaker than the pressed paving slabs. This is why they're often used for patio surfaces only. They can only be used on a driveway for as long as the foundation is extra durable.